A look back at 2020 shopping trends

Looking back on 2020, one thing is certain: The year didn’t plan out like anyone expect. A look back The unprecedent events of the COVID-19 pandemic have affect the health and safety of billions globally, and change nearly everything about how we work and live. As a result, many shopping behaviors have shift. After that, Over the past few months, we’ve discovere that nearly half of shoppers have change what they look for in apparel, food, beverage, health, and beauty items because of COVID-19. And, many plan to keep up these habits long after the pandemic. Throughout 2020, Influenster conduct several surveys analyzing consumer shopping behavior and industry trends.

Consumers are doing everything at home now

Here’s a look at some of the key behaviors consumers have follow this year. A look back Since everyone has been stuck at home over the past few months, people are learning to cook, doing their own hair and nails, and working out at home—and, many have no plans to go Brazil WhatsApp Number Data back to their old ways. When spas and salons close early in the pandemic, consumers embrace at-home treatments. After that, The most popular were manicures and pedicures (60%), hair color (37%), teeth whitening (31%), and anti-aging treatments (31%). Even with salons and spas reopening, 71% are still cautious about visiting and plan to continue their at-home services, including body and facial hair removal, haircuts and color, and massages.

Shoppers have high expectations from brands

During the pandemic, more people are cooking at home most days a week. Before, they cook only a couple of days a week. A look back The main reasons are because they have more time to cook and want to save money. At-home fitness is also on the rise, with 15% of North American and European consumers purchasing fitness equipment because of Aol Email List COVID-19. After that, And, 26% in North America and 33% in Europe want to purchase these products but can’t find them. Consumers are keeping a watchful eye on how brands are behaving during the pandemic. For 70% of consumers, how brands respond to the crisis impacts their brand loyalty and whether they’ll purchase from a brand in the future, and 38% began using a new brand base on how compassionate their pandemic response is.

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