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SEO is part of SEM. KPI: Key Performance Indicator, indicators that allow you to measure progress towards achieving business goals. In the context of online public relations, it can be, for example, the number of mentions about the company on the web, increasing website traffic, the number of publications in the meia. Another popular KPI is the advertising equivalent, the so-calle AVE, number of posts in social meia or number of journalists at an event, such as a press breakfast. The KPIs against which the results of the public relations strategy will be assesse should be establishe prior to the start of the engagement and written into the contract.

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Thanks to this, you can “look at the hands” of specialists and avoid disappointment. Let’s imagine that your company has a great public relations database agency that puts interesting press releases on the website. Unfortunately, without good SEO, no one will visit this page, so all the work of specialists will be in vain. That is why it so often happens that clients are positively surprise by the work of the Commplace public relations agency compare to other similar companies.


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We supplement the PR strategy with the necessary activities that amplify the effects. Good SEO without valuable content on the website will not be effective either, so optimization cannot exist without a person who creates content. Visual identification Aole Mail List and branding are of great importance for the appearance of the website , which is what the graphic designer is responsible for. Finally, the website must be responsive, and our IT department will be responsible for this. A public relations firm may plan to send out a press-kit, but without a good graphic designer, the project will get stuck in the phase of never materialize concepts. Do you already know which public relations agency you need.

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