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Knowledge of basic programming languages ​​HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, etc. You know how to use several CMS such as WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, … You master Google Analytics You know the basics of natural referencing You have knowledge of the use of tools dedicated to the world of SEO: SEMRush, Majestic SEO, Google tools, etc. Your secret identity: As an SEO Hero, you have: A desire to learn the world of SEO And as a superhero, you have these qualities: Proficiency in spelling and grammar required Be proactive Enjoy working as a team alongside other Avengers.

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The Powertrafic Squad agency: Powertrafic is a digital marketing agency specializing in traffic acquisition and analysis, located in Petit-Quevilly (near Rouen) where we are waiting for you impatiently. Come on, we’re good! Place of phone number list assignment: It is neither Metropolis nor Gotham City, but Petit-Quevilly. We grant it to you, at first glance it does not really make you dream. But here are our two arguments. It’s right next to Rouen which for once is a very pleasant city Your mission will take place at Seine Innopolis.

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Sounds a bit like Metropolis and it’s a big Digital Pole with lots of budding superheroes. Further information : Behind many superheroes Aole Mail List there is an ordinary working person. Not everyone has the fortune of Iron Man or Batman. Like Spider-Man or Superman, you will be entitled to: compensation based on your profile meal vouchers. To apply If you recognize yourself in this profile and want to be part of the Powertrafic Squad, now is the time to apply. None of us have the superpower of telepathy yet.

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