Fewer lawyers More agronomists veterinarians and engineers

I study law at UFPR, class of 1966, when there were only 5 Law Schools in Paraná. Currently, there are already 128,000 lawyers in Brazil and more than one million, three hundred thousand lawyers, most of them generalists and few specialists. After that, In an excellent article, Antônio Fernando Pinheiro Pedro Fewer lawyers explains this disorderly growth in law courses: “ In 1997, when there were only 260 legal courses in Brazil – and this number was already absurd, a curious phenomenon occur, a change in behavior at the OAB, with renewal of leadership in the elections of Sectional Councils in several states and, later, in the OAB itself.

Negligence on the part of the MEC

Federal Council. Fewer lawyers “The main entity of Brazilian law, according to these leaders, should also move away from politics, to ‘take better care of the legal profession’, as the discourse adopt, clearly populist, cover up a strong establishment lobby, which sought to equip the largest entity of Brazilian law. “In fact, the change of leadership was strongly Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data encourage by Tucano and PT governments , uncomfortable with the entity’s ‘ critical’ stance, which was then very combative, strengthen by the impeachment impose on Fernando Collor and empower by the recent restructuring of the legal profession, represent by Law 8,906 of 1994 – the new Statute of the profession.

Warning to parents and candidates applying to veterinary school

The campaign for changes was also inflate by the corporations of judges and prosecutors – resentful of the OAB’s stance in favor of external control of the judiciary and the Public Ministry . After that, The movement was Aol Email List also support by the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) and its affiliate confederations, concern about the organization’s interference in the coordination of a CPI (Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry), aiming to investigate systemic corruption in Brazilian football, in the National Congress . “Finally, Private Universities finance any and all opposition that committe to ‘modulating’ the legal achievement, represent by section XV of art.

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