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Topics to avoid Links, content length, and image attributes Styling Logos, colors, and fonts Remember, stay true to you brand voice. Creating a consistent image helps build recognition and trust. Writing Your First Blog Post How to Use Blogging Now that we’ve got our blog up and running, chosen and customiz a theme, and outlin a blogging strategy, you pretty much know how to use Blogging. Navigate to the area where you write and publish blog posts. In the dashboard go to and choose When you’re on this page you’ll see some key features.

Header where add the title of your blog post

Publish Content where you’ll add the actual content, whether it’s text, , image, or video bas which specifies the status of the blog post: hidden or public, and whether you want to publish it immiately or schule it to be publish Algeria WhatsApp Number List later. Relat silo tags are taxonomic attributes that help segment relat content together. Tags are consider less frequent categories, and if you find yourself using a certain tag a lot, you might want to consider turning it into a category Featur Image Most themes have a featur image in their blog posts.

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This is where you can add an extra

After writing your article, take a few minutes to proofread and it your article before clicking  Double-check your content against your style element to your content to help engage your audience and build content try researching AOL Email List  topics that will appeal to your audience. Consider using a tool like this to see which content generates the most user engagement through social shares, comments, and backlinks. You can also look at your competitors and other bloggers in your space to see what  articles they are writing and which posts are generating the most activity. Bas on this information, you can create an article with the best chance of success.

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