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They address all kinds of everyday life topics to provide solutions to their subscribers. Health, real estate, studies, road safety, birth, disasters, etc. The topics covered are very broad. Support startups and innovative projects Banks are increasingly active in the field of start-ups and new technologies. Some offer specific support and financing to support innovation and business creation. Others set up incubators or start-up accelerators. BNP Paribas and Crédit Agricole are, for example, major players in this field and do not hesitate to communicate on this subject.

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BNP Paribas also launched a hashtag on Instagram CaptureTheChange) as part of a photography project. Everyone can participate and whatsapp mobile number list contribute to capturing change anywhere in the world. 9 Focus on humor and creative content Humor and creativity are essential on social networks. They make people react and create commitment. In addition, it gives banks and insurance companies a warmer image, which usually gives off a cold and austere image. Following the release of the film Rogue One, , for example, highlighted its bank cards like the credits of Star Wars. 0 Be present where you are not expected.

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Most banks and insurance companies are present on social networks. Some, like BNP Paribas, increase their presence by positioning Aole Mail List themselves on several social networks at the same time. Looking at the 2016 figures on the commitments generated on social networks, we can say that this strategy is bearing fruit. Ranking of banks and insurance companies that engage the most on social networksBut to stand out, shouldn’t we go against the current? In order to target a younger audience, some banks and insurance companies have launched on Snapchat. This is notably the case for Axa Banque, LCL and, more recently, Crédit Agricole.

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