Plan To Sell Your Products Online Telling A Story

You see how important it is to be present on the Internet. But being present is not enough. It also needs to be visible so that you don’t just reach consumers who already know you. Thus, you must consider a good natural and/or paid SEO strategy . This will allow you to make yourself known more widely to people interested in wine. 3. The Internet is a great communication tool Once you are present on the Internet (website or social networks), you can communicate with your customers.

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We note that wine lovers use the Internet a lot to learn about wine. They are looking for information on wine regions, AOCs, grape database varieties, or even food and wine pairings. Likewise before buying a wine, they will check the internet reviews, ratings, etc. By publishing this type of content, you earn points. You increase your notoriety with potential customers and you retain your existing customers. Similarly, communication will help you build your image . Highlight your domain, your products and your know-how to seduce wine lovers.


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Also the Google algorithm that you will seduce. By optimizing your website and regularly publishing content on a blog, you will gradually Aole Mail List improve your ranking on search engines. You therefore maximize your chances of reaching wine merchants, traders and consumers. 4. You boost your direct sales As we saw earlier, half of online wine purchases are made directly on the producers’ website. In addition, the current context is conducive to e-commerce. The French are more and more inclined to buy online . The numbers speak for themselves. According to the latest figures from FEVAD, 98% of e-shoppers bought on the Internet in 2016.

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