How to prepare the box for a shipment to a customer of your

How to prepare the box for a shipment to. The more orders you have to place, the less care you invest in each one. This is noticeable even with companies like Amazon. I frequently receive damaged orders. When you sell and buy collectible products where the condition of the packaging of the piece increases or decreases the value is even more important. Amazon has not yet understood this.

The shipment that arrived without How to prepare

How to prepare the box for a shipment to. But rather the opposite. A box. Half empty without any filling. My order was practically top industry data floating in that box. There was nothing to protect him. The only thing that accompanied it was the delivery note for my order. A little sad honestly. And look, I’m not demanding. Nor am I saying that you always have to reach the level of some online stores that add perfume, pebbles, a little gift, make a personal letter, etc. and those things. 

How to prepare the shipping box properly customer of your

A shipment should respect some basic things. Others are already AOL Email List optional but if you do not comply with this you run the risk that your customer’s overall perception of your store will be negative even if the product is the correct one. Appropriate box size for the order. Not too small, not too big.  fragile product. 

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