Six ways COVID-19 shifted health and beauty trends

One of the many ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has change our daily lives is that our homes have turn into health and beauty sanctuaries. After that, Home now doubles as a fitness space, self-care center, and a place to try out new skincare, makeup, and hair routines. Six ways COVID-19 These evolving habits have inspire new health, beauty, and wellness trends, and it’s changing how people shop for these products. Brands should take note that many of these behaviors will likely stick around post-pandemic.

Online subscription services are growing

We survey more than 11,000 consumers, Six ways COVID-19 mostly women, in North America, the U.K., France, and Germany to find out what health and beauty products consumers are buying and how they’re engaging with brands. After that, Here’s a look at what we discover: Remember  Australia WhatsApp Number Data the empty store shelves from a few months ago? Just as  consumers struggle to find toilet paper and cleaning supplies, some health and beauty products were also scarce. When they couldn’t find their go-tos, consumers try something new.

Fitness, nutrition, and self-care have become a priority

According to our survey of the Influenster community on health and beauty in October 2020, two out of three respondents in North America and France, and three out of four in the U.K. and Germany discover new brands and stores because of limit product availability during the pandemic. After Aol Email List  that, What’s more, 77% of North American and 66% of European shoppers plan to keep buying from these brands long after the pandemic. Trying out new products has long help shoppers decide which beauty products to buy. Six ways COVID-19 But, product sampling has been challenging during the pandemic, with social distancing and hygiene measures in place to protect consumers.

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