The more the better. In addition to product campaigns, it is worth conducting activities in the search network, for example, as text and banner ads. You can allocate any amount for cyclical activities, but experience tells us that it will be a minimum of about PLN , – , per month with – months of activities to fully test the advertising channel. FB Ads Campaigns on Facebook are similar to those on Google – here we also have product, banner and even video ads. In the case of FB, we can advertise not only with several, but even with one product at a time, which reduces the monthly cost of advertising media.

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You can operate with budgets of PLN – per month, also on your own. In the case of commissioning activities – it is worth at least doubling this budget so that the agency or freelancer can test more phone number list products, audiences or other ad settings at once. campaign settings as soon as possible. SEO That is, among other things, traffic from organic search results. A great channel when we have – years of time to pay for the investment and at least , monthly budget. If you do not have such comfort – it is better to work with Google Ads and FB Ads.

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If you succeed and you notice that your business idea is working, it is worth investing the surplus in SEO. After a few years, it can be your main source of generated traffic and sales, while reducing the overall cost of acquiring a customer. However, it  must be remembered that this is a long-term action. It is also worth bearing in mind that SEO costs vary greatly depending on the industry. For example – in the pharmacy industry it will be relatively expensive due to high competition and the fact Aole Mail List that pharmacies cannot advertise in Google Ads and FB Ads.