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Differentiating methods can be divid into five main ways Creating a new category in the market Product focus Customer focus Brand look Of these we will focus on the brand look next. Learn more about differentiators by checking out our podcast here. With a brand look you stand out right from the first impression but you also help the customer recognize your company As I stat earlier the brand look in itself does not bring significant add value to the product .

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Of for example if the user interface of the Saas service is built according to the brand look and the look emphasizes the important features of the user interface in business email list the right way. Of course the design of the user experience also has a significant impact on that but things that are aesthetically pleasing are often found to be better to use. (Laws of UX) A brand look can be an effective way to differentiate yourself from your competitors especially when your customer is surveying potential service providers.

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In terms of brand image you can also influence your customers image of your company before he has time to read a word of your content. Because of this it is important AOL Email List that everything from the general impression to the image choices support the message you want to convey to the reader. And when you convey the right images from the start its much easier for the customer to get attach to you and continue on their shopping path. Finally a unifi brand look inspires trust. Your customer is always sure right from the first glance that he is working with the same brand.

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