Companies that show interest

The idea here is to get out of the price competition and to ensure that your customer doesnt just look for the cheapest supplier the next time he buys the product you offer. For you this again means that you get a better margin on the product and you get more loyal customers. Since everyone has slightly different nes and interests differentiation also wes out those customers who might not be the most suitable for you.

Means that you give your customer

Differentiation a reason other than price to choose your companys product or service. Differentiating factors on the b2b leads other hand are important features of your product or service that your competitors do not offer. For example Apples iOS operating system is only available on Apples own phones and no one else can offer this. And since that is a significant feature for at least some users you could call this one of the distinguishing factors. Differentiating factors on the other hand are significant features for your customer that your competitors do not offer.

Marketing communications

In marketing according to the MRACE® a significant benefit in the marketing of the Reach AOL Email List phase. If you are not yet familiar with the MRACE® model you can read more about it here . When your look stands out so much from your competitors but also in the channels you operate in you increase the chances that you will be remember by your customers from the very first moment. In practice this can mean that your product stands out on the store shelf due to non-standard packaging or that your ad stands out from Instagrams image-heavy fe in some way.

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