Making SEO a business (part I): niches and own websites

I’ll tell you about some real articles in that niche, and I’ll explain why they have gotten so much traffic. I will also give you the keys to show you that the SEO-Copy fusion works, and it works very well when you know how to implement it. Writing an article with an SEO approach is not too different from writing it with a Copy approach. There are only a few tips that differentiate both formats. But what happens when we merge both ways of writing articles. Nowadays, the Copy-SEO or SEO-Copy fusion, whatever we want to call it, is very much on everyone’s lips. Good.

When I work on a text

Far from theorizing, we come with a practical case. Where we have implemented each of the things that we are going to tell you. And I Nursing Homes Email List assure you that the result is brutal; I’m going to prove it to you by explaining why. I do it the way I do it, and what consequences it has. Rule number 1 of copywriting. When I write my articles, regardless of the topic. I keep in mind the readers for whom they are directed . The basis of any copy is the deep knowledge you have of the buyer reader . When I work on a text, I invest more time in research even than in the writing itself: Who is going to read it How am I going to present the text so that that person reads “me” and not the person next to me?

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What results appear on Google for that query and how to improve them For example, Dean’s blog where we have done this experiment, is a niche consumed 77% by women. And of that 77%, 46% are between 25 and 34 years old. When I dug a little deeper we came to the conclusion (given the search intent of the posts that brought the most traffic in Analytics) that the women who entered the website were above all: Girls who were getting married soon and were excitedly looking for information AOL Email List Already married women who wanted to remarry repeatedly Godmothers, mother of the bride, bridesmaids… people indirectly related to the bride Most of the time I have used conversational copywriting .

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