ALL-IN-ONE PLATFORM FOR EFFECTIVE SEO Rank Tracker Keyword Finder SERP Checker Backlink Checker Backlink Monitor Website Audit AI Article Writer Create your account today. No credit card required. CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT Share : Start using Ranktracker… It’s free! Find out what’s stopping your website from ranking higher. CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT Or sign in using your credentials Different views of Ranktracker app Social media Facebook YouTube Official Ranktracker Facebook Community twitter linkedin G2 trustpilot Trustpilot – 4.0If you offer legal services, you need a website. But you probably already know this.

You probably already

Have a website. You just don’t get any significant clicks. People can visit, hang out for a bit, and then return to the SERPs page to search for more. This is a bad thing for your law firm’s SEO. It tells search engines that your site has nothing valuable to Poland WhatsApp Data show users, so they don’t stay longer. Search engines do not like such sites and will lower their rankings in SERPs for future queries. But you’re not the only one suffering. There is a whole community of lawyers who are in the same boat. According to Reboot 2020 research , law firm websites across the internet are suffering from some serious issues that are holding them all back. 73% of the websites examined in the study do not have internal links, and 67% of the sites operate with unoptimized keywords.

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Issues for law firms

As an SEO and marketing expert, I am writing this guide to tell you how you can solve these problems. Let’s start with the machine learning bot that helps Egypt Phone Number List Google rank your website. And you need to vie for their favor through an excellent, high-quality, SEO-optimized website. Google’s RankBrain bot RankBrain is an artificial intelligence algorithm developed by Google that helps the search engine rank results in the SERPs, as well as allowing Google to understand and process search queries with greater depth and context. For example, if one user is searching for ‘work injury lawyers in Pennsylvania’ and another is searching for ‘work compensation lawyers in PA’, RankBrain has the brains to know that both users are probably searching for the same thing. Therefore, the results it gives to the SERPs will not be very different from each other.