A secure e-shop is not a problem if you take web hosting through zone.ee 2) Implement Today, no page should open over HTTP anymore, the old and new standard is . For this, it is necessary to buy an SSL certificate from a reliable company (often it is already offere by the host of the server). Then the certificate must be installe and that’s it! Another advantage of is in Google search engine positioning. HTTP web pages are always ranke lower because they are not as secure. When a user connects to your online store, provides better data protection and prevents strangers from stealing data from either party. 3) Choose a secure e-shop platform.

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The e-shop environment plays an important role as a meiator of transactions, so you should choose the most convenient and secure one. You should also consider the availability of customer support, developer tools, development options, etc. However, because whatsapp mobile number list the rest doesn’t matter if strangers can easily hijack the e-shop at any time. the environment allows for secure payment methods, offers security updates, and allows orders to be resolve logistically securely. Examples of such sites are WooCommerce , PrestaShop and Magento. 4) Ensure safe storage of users’ personal information Malware and hackers can cause a lot of trouble if.

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They have access to users’ personal information, such as passwords, names and other personal data. The webmaster must ensure the secure storage of AOL Email List┬ásuch data. remind users to change their passwords. 5) Don’t keep sensitive personal data longer than necessary (or better, don’t save them at all) It must be determine that such information as bank card numbers, payment information, etc. would not be available from the website’s databases. If such information is accesse during a possible data leak of the website.