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Ends, access will drop sharply. If you want to follow trends, be careful as it will be difficult to earn a stable income unless you discover new trends. Appropriate number of characters and sentence structure per article What is the appropriate number of characters per article? The appropriate amount of text should be enough to convey the necessary information based on the keywords searched by the target and their intent. However, this will not give you any hints, so for affiliate sites, I would like to set a guideline that you should aim for 2,000 to 3,000 characters.

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The number of characters in the lead and the meaning of each paragraph Next, we will explain the role of each part of the sentence. The lead sentence UAE Phone Number Data plays an important role in ensuring that users who come for the title feel at ease and have expectations, and read the main text that follows. A good example is a movie trailer. There must be many people who want to see the main story after seeing the trailer. In this way, the lead sentence needs to motivate the reader to want to read to the end. Another important element is to include search keywords in the title, lead, and even subheadings. Why But what exactly should we do to make it easy to understand.

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Elementary school students can understand is not the right thing to do. In other words, an affiliate site is like a specialized magazine that delves into some topic. There are Africa Phone Number List both beginners and experts who read this site and articles, but if explanations of ruby ​​and terminology are written every time for experts, it will be difficult to read and the overall theme will become harder to understand. The important thing here is what kind of target audience your site or article is intended for. It’s hard to understand an article aimed at law writers with a title like “Laws for Everyone to Understand.

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