How Intel is applying AI techniques like

Working in technology and computer vision and natural language processing to improve semiconductor manufacturing processes some way. Elizabeth Anne Watkins Elizabeth Anne Watkins, Intel is a Research Scientist at Intel Labs and a member of the Responsible Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council. She drives the strategy and execution of social science approaches to amplify human potential in human-AI collaboration, trustworthiness, explainability in the design, deployment and governance of AI tools such as computer vision and natural language processing , transparency and agency research.

Watkins is an affiliate of the Institute for Data

Society and has collaborated, consulted and collaborated with research centers in academia and industry. She earned her Ph.D. from Columbia University, her MS from MIT, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy and its Human-Computer Interaction Group. AI Leaders on If you like me, myself, and the AI podcast, please continue the conversation with us on . Join France WhatsApp Number List the Leaders AI group today. manufacture semiconductor chips. So the people that work inside our factories, our technicians, are doing very complex and very delicate workJoin now on the podcast, or subscribe to me, myself and the podcast.

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Transcript We know AI tools are augmenting

Human performance, but how do people really feel about it? On today’s episode, learn how one company developed AI the end user in mind. Elizabeth Anne Watkins: I’m Elizabeth Anne Watkins from Intel, and you’re listening to Me, Myself, and Artificial Intelligence. : Welcome to Me, Myself, and AI, a podcast about AI AOL Email List for business. Each episode we introduce you to an AI innovator. I am, Professor of Analytics at Boston College. I’m also a guest editor for artificial intelligence and business strategy at MIT Sloan Management Review. I am a senior partner at , and one of the leaders of our artificial intelligence practice.

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