You may do this by collaborating with other local attorneys on community outreach initiatives, or simply answering questions in your comments section may be enough to help you stay top of mind when people seek legal help. Increased brand awareness means more qualified clicks with high conversion intent. 2. Create in-depth content covering multi-layered keywords User interface and design are important factors to consider in web page optimization, but they play a supporting role when it comes to actual conversions. Beautiful graphics may attract people, but if your content is fluffy, messy, or hard to understand, users won’t stick around.

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To create high-quality content on your law firm website. For example, while attorneys often remember to create Practice Area pages where they mention Netherlands WhatsApp Data your areas of expertise, you can also create location pages to highlight the geographic areas you cover, as this law firm did. law site Headline: A local law firm uses location pages to stand out Cover in-depth topics in your blogs rather than short, 500-word pieces where you can cover a topic more thoroughly and answer any relevant questions a customer may have. This will allow you to create a highly relevant piece of content that targets a wide range of keywords, allowing you to cover everything from the main keyword to secondary and third-tier related keywords in one topic.

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This type of content and often ranks these high-quality pieces for several closely related keywords. You may also want to highlight your accomplishments Brazil Phone Number List as a lawyer, and that’s a great thing. However, your focus should be on providing information to users. Use your blog, landing pages, service pages, and other areas of the website to tell potential customers what you can do for them. 3. Push your content onto the fold A few years ago Above Floor was prime real estate for any website. We all wish all our main content was there. But as people develop banner blindness (ignoring banners at the top of a web page and scrolling directly down) and mobile devices replace desktop viewing, the above-the-floor obsession doesn’t have the same power.