It will be an ideal form of rest after a lot of effort, as well as after a busy day spent on training. Escape room Escape room will allow every employer to create a team for special tasks that will cope with any crisis situation and work under time pressure. As an idea for an integration meeting, it works perfectly, because it provides thrills and adrenaline to all participants, and the organizer will easily spot young talents who can cope with a stressful situation. It is also an excellent exercise that teaches you to control your nerves and keep your mind conscious when face with problems that nee to be solve as soon as possible.

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The escape room also brings benefits in the form of understanding the thinking patterns of colleagues at work. In the era of a pandemic, an escape room will also work great online. There are many versions on the Internet where you can integrate whatsapp mobile number list together in this game, when, for example, our entire team works online or is spread all over the country. Sauna – but not so ordinary A bit of relaxation and detachment from everyday duties is useful for everyone, both employers and employees. A stay in the sauna for a dozen or so minutes allows you to relax and reuce tension.

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Ad if it will be a night sauna? The relaxing effect will be intensifie. Night sauna can be combine with intensive training, thanks to which in the evening not only the muscles but also the mind will rest. Culinary workshops Through the stomach to the Aole Mail List heart? Culinary workshops are becoming more and more popular, because they meet all the assumptions of an integration meeting. It is not only an interesting form of entertainment, but also a good way to integrate employees and improve their teamwork. Probably few crew members have time to explore the secrets of culinary art on their own.