When a public relations strategy is create, it will be your responsibility to choose graphics, photos or page layout that will be consistent with this goal. We at Commplace operate completely differently. If you have your own facilities, we can only deal with public relations services. However, if you nee additional support, we can: create branding or rebranding of the company, Logo, banner designs or business cards distinguish the brand, and on this basis we will make good public relations for your company. take care of graphics and photos on the website, As you know, one picture is worth more than 1000 words.

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It is increasingly difficult for the reader to focus their attention for more than a moment, and you want to reach all audiences universally with phone number list your public relations strategy. write texts for the website, The main sin of most public relations agencies is that PR people write all the texts themselves. And yet working in public relations and copywriting or content marketing are completely different things! Let yourself benefit from the experience of people.

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Who have been writing professionally for over a dozen years. Commplace PR agency run social meia channels, We also don’t like the fuss cause Aole Mail List by. Switching” materials to social meia. A PR person comes up with a vision, you create photos and texts, he polishes them. in this way, writing one post can take weeks. It can definitely be simpler. The work of public relations in our agency is complemente by the services of a graphic designer, SEO specialist and copywriter. Together, they will create ready-made posts on the spot. Our strategist will propose a way of communication and inserting posts that will save your time as much as possible.