Ad if you change your NDD along the way, don’t forget to make the 301 redirects of each of the pages to the corresponding new one so as not to lose any of your site’s referencing and traffic! And for the expansion? represent “or generic extensions , and extensions such as .fr, .de,, are first-level national extensions . We are also seeing the appearance of new extensions (nTLDs) such as .blog, .shop, .paris – meaning that none of these extensions is favored by search engines.

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On the other hand, it is important to choose an extension relevant to your activity, and to the national/international scope Latest Mailing Database that you wish to give it. It is also important to know that search engines take into account the consistency between the language of the site, that of the request made and that of the browser in its indexing, and therefore the extension can influence the click rate in this direction ( a site in French, in .ru is paradoxical for example). The domain name may not influence SEO, but it is in any case an undeniable lever for better indexing: a memorable and relevant domain name, obviously associated with quality.

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Content and a site optimized for navigation ( among others ) are just as many factors to take into account in SEO ! Do not hesitate to contact our experts in the field. Who will be able to advise you on how to optimize. Your site and attract Aole Mail List traffic and conversions. Source : intervention by 1&1, web hosting provider, for the Siècle Digital site. FACEBOOK TWITTEROur agency being about to adopt a new SEO expert. I thought it was the right opportunity to take stock together of the qualities. And skills that an SEO expert is supposed to have today. SEO is a constantly evolving field.