Lwona Bortniczuk August , You will read in ~ min. Landing page – what is it and how does it apply You scroll through your social media until something catches your attention. It can be an intriguing post or a photo. On the button you see the words “test”, “check”, “learn more”. So you click and move on. You come across a website whose content appeals to you perfectly and you come to the conclusion that the offer – products or services – is what you have been missing. This is what a good landing page should be like! What do you need to know about landing pages and how to create them to make them work.

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Landing page – what is it? What is a landing page? Simply put, a landing page is a landing page that we create for a specific campaign. The user lands on it from an advertising banner, PPC campaign, links in the newsletter, etc. The difference between a landing page and a homepage The home page is a showcase of your business, and at database the the entire site. The user who finds himself on it receives information on the nature of the activity, he also sees subsequent subpages, separate sections, the “About us” tab, etc. So it can be said that the home page fulfills many, and moreover, quite general purposes – above all, it conveys information, indicates opportunities, contact options etc.


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Landing pages, on the other hand, are standalone pages, most often of the one page type, created mainly for marketing campaigns. They are designed to encourage the Internet user to perform a specific action, such as downloading an e-book, going to the product page, subscribing to the newsletter, filling out a form. In addition, landing pages focus on one offer, for example a course, webinar, product. Therefore, their content should refer only to it. Why should you direct traffic to the landing page and not Aole Mail List to the home page? If you set your business website as your landing page, you have no control over the user’s behavior or actions.